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Deadlines, targets, meetings, hectic hours; that’s how we define the office! Since this whole fuss about ‘power dressing’ came into being, it has been sort of imperative for ladies to wear heels to work. The continuous long hours and the traveling truly takes a toll on the beauty and health of not only the feet, but the entire body.

One of my biggest nightmares has been that one day, for a very important office meeting/ presentation, I’ll walk in looking prim and proper, but trip and fall on my heels and the whole room will burst into laughter! Don’t let that happen to you! Wearing comfortable shoes is extremely important and you need to break free from the norm of women having to wear heels to work.  Ballet flat shoes are the new ‘it’ thing and you can wear them to work easily. They are beautiful and comfortable, and you won’t have swollen feet, and aching backs at the end of your day.

Did you know that wearing heels for long hours can permanently damage your posture? Causing your spine to stress and the continuous thumping that your soles receive due to the body weight, heels tend to affect the nervous system of the body. We offer Foldable flats that are so pretty, you will bid farewell to your high heels for good. Imagine going through the day without complaining about how tired you are, and coming back home in a good mood! Happy feet means happy you! Many women have sensibly shifted to working rollable shoes, which not only keep their feet comfortable, but also give them the confidence of being able to walk at their own pace, without the fear of tripping on their own feet. You need to join the league!

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