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Foldable Flats in Weddings

Rollable flats are perfect wedding favors and every bridesmaid and guest’s most reliable, stylish companion on the big day.

Wedding Favor Flats

You can make foldable flats a part of the special day and gift to the bride something she can use on her wedding.


Start with looking for a pair in the Back Up Soles’ online store that chimes in with the color scheme and theme of the wedding. There are a variety of styles available, so you are certain to stumble into something that matches with the wedding day.


Flats are a good choice for a gift for the bride because after walking down the isle and posing for the camera, she will most likely be looking for a way to get rid of her several-storey heels and slip into something more comfortable. Your flats can be the right replacement.


Comfort is not the only reason a bride may want to take off her heels and put on your flats. It is near-to-impossible to dance in heels but ballet flats or rollable flats are perfect for the job.

Contingency Plans

Flats are excellent replacements when the heels come off even before the cake has been cut. In a second scenario, they come handy when it rains.Showers from the sky can dampen an outdoor wedding party. Damp soil can make it impossible for the bride to walk in a garden without sinking her toe or aerating the ground with her heels. Your flats can come to rescue the bride because they spread your body’s entire weight for a large area and don’t tend to get stuck or slip.

Foldable Flats for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids reading this can go a step further and grab a pair of foldable flats for themselves because on the day of the wedding you will thank the moment when you ordered them.Being the maid or matron of honor means always on-the-go. Whatever may be the pros of heels, they are certainly not designed for women on the move. In contrast, flats are everything you will need to complete your duties successfully. You get style and comfort and the best part is that you get fantastic discounts and free shipping if you and your fellow bridesmaids order in a bunch.

Foldable Flats for Guests

Flats are an excellent alternative to heels for guests for the same reasons they are for the bride and the bridesmaid.

a) Flats are stylish if you buy them from Back Up Soles.

b) Flats come handy when you grow tired of posing and want to join the dance party.

c) Flats are useful when it rains or your heels break.

d) Flats don’t break your bank so you can order one, two, three, or even a dozen pairs.

Shop shoes for wedding now on because the big day is not that far.

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