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Travel flats are for women always on the go. They are easy to carry and soft. They come in several designs, so you do not have to worry about matching them with your clothes.

A globetrotting woman’s faithful companion

Rollable flats are for you if your job needs you to incessantly fly between the coasts. Unlike the heels, that come with a comfort limit, you can put on rollable flats for hours on end without suffocating your feet. Even the most expensive heels can produce blisters and calluses if your wear them for than two-three hours. It is almost impossible to board a plane in New York wearing a pair of heels and land in Los Angeles and not find your feet crying for help. But you can fly from Washington to Tokyo in flats and not feel a pinch.

An occasional traveler’s dream-come-true

Rollable flats also offer a more comfortable experience to women who travel occasionally. You better avoid heels and slip into comfortable ballet flats if you do not want your callused feet to ruin your trip to the Caribbean or Europe.A second advantage of rollable flats is their flexibility. You can stuff two, three, and even four pairs of flats in the space it would take to carry a pair of heels. Flexibility comes handy especially when you are traveling abroad, where each pound counts.

An elegant way to see the world

Flats does not equal bland. Back Up Soles’ flats are comfortable and designed with the latest trends in mind. They comein several colors and showcase intricate designs. You can buy several of them and later put on the pair that will go with your dress. Rollable flats are can be worn at parties, office, and not to mention, during your exciting official or fun trips.

Order a pair of rollable flats before your next trip

Here are four more reasons to order a pair of rollable flats before you hop into your car for a long, long trip or board a plane for another country.


A typical pair costs less than $10. You can buy several pairs of flats for the price of a pair of heels. Free shippingWe offer free shipping everywhere in America if you order 10 or more pairs.


We have thousands of clients and the numbers are going up. Join thousands of women who love travel and who love their feet.

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