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Fashionistas sashaying their chic clothes and shoes is so common these days and every regular girls feel like they need to dress to the nines every single day. Though it is great to keep yourself well-groomed for school, wearing heels is not something you should do everyday. For the simple reason that they are uncomfortable and can lead to permanent damage to your feet, you need to switch to a more relaxed but just as gorgeous option of footwear. You don’t need to follow fashion trends when you can create your own! Go ahead and set the trend of comfort before style!

Ballet flats are the best sort of shoes, especially for school. There are so many study and co-curricular activities that you have to indulge in all day and wearing heels will simply restrict movement and increase your chances of tripping over and getting hurt.

It doesn’t hurt if you have a back up option or two rolled up in your bags, for emergency heel-breaking! We have a range of foldable flats and you can pick one according to your choice in terms of color and texture.

Our range of shoes are so affordable that you might want to own one in every color and coordinate them with different outfits that you wear throughout the week. You can choose from the solid colors, or other designs and patterns. Have a look at our collection and order your favorites today! Flat shoes for school

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