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So you’re planning the perfect night out at the club with dancing and drinks, friends and pouts, pictures and status updates! Your favorite song plays and you make your way to the dance floor! Trip on your extremely high heel, crush your ankle and land up on a hospital bed! It’s happened to a lot of us and it’s more frustrating than painful! Not only will you ruin your night but also spoil the fun for everyone else and sport a broken ankle for weeks!

Now I am not saying heels are terrible and they will always make you trip, but the chances do increase greatly. Dancing is much more comfortable with rollable ballet flats. They will literally ensure that you can dance your heart out and not be as tired by the end of your night out! You will not need to carry your shoes home and walk bare feet, because your dancing rollable flats are going to be extremely savvy and you will be able to dance through the night without sitting on the sideline with your heels off!

What’s great about folding flats? They fit right into your bag which means your feet will be ready to dance as soon as you are. With so many colorful options available, how much longer do you thing you can resist yourself from filling your closet with these cuties?  You are going to thank yourself for this choice of shoes, when you are helping your friend who fell and broke her foot due to her high heels!

Select from a wide range of options available with us at backupsoles and choose one shoe for every occasion, at the most affordable prices. Order now and receive your perfect pair of shoes soon!

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