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Custom Foldable Flats

BackUpSoles is the premier source for your custom rollable and foldable flats!

Custom & Personalized Flats are great for :

  • Promotional Companies
  • Business Marketing
  • Giveaway Product
  • Weddings and Corporate Events
  • Night Clubs & Special Events

What we offer?
Minimum Order Quantity is 100 Pairs.
Color of flats available – Black, Silver, or Gold. (Please contact us if another color is desired, MOQ may vary)
Color of Logo imprint available (1 color only) – Silver, White, or Gold.
Multi-color Logo print available upon request. (MOQ may vary)

Most Popular Packaging Options:

  • Option 1: Flats + Small Pouch with Silver, White or Gold Logo print on bag.
  • Option 2: Flats + Small Pouch + Large Shoe Bag with Silver, White or Gold Logo print on bags.

Where can I Customize?

On the Small Pouch:
Customized Small Bag
Customized Small Bag

On the Large Shoe Bag:

Customized Large Bag
Customized Large Bag

On the Flats:

Customized Small Bag
Customized Small Bag

Lead Time
We typically require at least 4 weeks for production and delivery. If a rush order needs to be placed, please contact us immediately.

About the Product
BackUpSoles are made of PU leather with a skid resistant rubber sole. The flats are outfitted with elastic around the collar of the flats to allow for a stretchy and comfortable fit. Sizing is as follows: Small (Women's 4.5-6), Medium (6.5-8), Large (8.5-9.5), XL (10-11). A standard breakdown for clients is 10% Small, 40% Medium, 40% Large, and 10% XL, however you can order any size breakdown you wish. The black pouch and large bag is made of nylon and has a drawstring closure.

  • Packaging: The flats (and large bag, if wanted) will be rolled up with a rubber band and be placed in the small pouch. The sizes will be printed on the back side of each small pouch.
  • Shipping: Shipping expenses will be an additional charge based on your location and quantity. Typically there are 100 pairs per box and the box size is no bigger than 15in x 15in x 15in. We will keep each of the size ranges separate by placing them in their own bag and/or box. Custom orders are sent through FedEx express door to door, unless otherwise requested. Duties and taxes are included in our pricing and paid by us.

We can offer a digital sample image at no cost. This digital sample will give you an idea of how the logo will look on the bags and flats. If you would like an actual printed sample done before placing an order there will be a $100 setup charge.

When a purchase order is sent to BackUpSoles, there will be proof images sent along the production process for you or your client’s approval.

BackUpSoles branded flats can be sent as sample for a fee.

Contact Us
Please call or email us for more information or to place your order.

  • Email :
  • Phone : 480 442 8744
  • ASI# if Applicable
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